Are You Getting Lost in the Noise?

Are You Getting Lost in the Noise?

Modern consumers are exposed to more ads than ever before. In the meantime, they’re getting buried in more social media messages, emails, and Google search results then they can possibly consume, let alone act on. What is your local business doing to break through the noise? Where should you go from here?

The Role of Analytics

To get a handle on which actions will make the most difference, start with your own data. Analytics get ignored far more often than they should be. This happens, in large part, because we often assume that our limited success is a sign that we aren’t doing anything right, that the ultimate strategy lies somewhere else.

The truth is, we can improve our success a great deal if we simply evaluate what has worked best for us so far. Pay attention to things like:

–        Which traffic sources send the highest quality traffic?

–        Which content produces the highest time on site and conversions?

–        Which pages have led to the most viral sharing?

Pay less attention to total numbers than to ratios. The total number of “likes” a page gets isn’t as important as the number of likes it gets per 1000 visitors.

It’s also important to control for where the user came from. You don’t want to discount a page for having low time on site if most of it’s traffic came from a site like Reddit, where time on site is usually much lower.

Look for the content that has already broken through the noise, at least for those visitors who have actually seen it. Focus your efforts on promoting that content, figuring out what you did right, and repeating it on a regular basis.

Don’t Be Afraid to Spend Ad Money for Data

admoneyIf your site isn’t seeing any visitors, your best content is going to go unnoticed, not just by your potential customers, but by you. There is no way to identify your best content without data from visitors. And you need to know your best content if you’re going to drive conversions, subscriptions, social media attention, and links.

Don’t be afraid to spend ad money just to collect data. Fifty dollars can send one or two hundred Facebook visitors your way. That’s high value traffic with a tendency toward social sharing, especially if you target the right audiences.

If that’s too much for you, you can spend as little as five cents for each visitor from StumbleUpon. You’re not as likely to get data on social sharing behavior from those visits, but it’s a good sample to compare relative time on site.

These ads not only send visits your way that can be transformed into subscriptions and sales, they give you insight into what’s working and what isn’t. You can use this data to build much more targeted social networking and link building campaigns, with far better success rates.

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