6 Ways to Capture the Millennial Market

6 Ways to Capture the Millennial Market

Marketing to Millennials – better known as Gen Y – takes a different approach from what you’ve probably done in the past with other types of customers. This group grew up with the Internet – a Pew Research Center study found that 93% of those 18-29 go online. It’s not about simply having a Facebook page and a Twitter handle. A social media presence is important, however, marketing to Millennials is as much about tone as it is about tactics.  The following are six ways to improve your efforts and connect with this key market.

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1) Don’t be heavy handed

These customers know how to shut out distracting, overly promotional marketing messages. They value being a part of the conversation over being spoken to; they like being able to do their own research before making a decision rather than being told what to do.

2) Be genuine

Everybody recognizes an insincere message or marketing tone. Your company should make an effort to befriend Millennials instead of considering them targets. Instead, create meaningful, actionable and engaging content that builds a connection between your brand and your audience.

3) Showcase your social conscience

If your products or services have a sustainability focus or if your business is active supporting local charitable organizations, make sure you emphasize your efforts. But again, be genuine.  Millennials want to buy products that they believe in and support companies that are transparent, as well as socially responsible.

4) Rethink your email marketing strategy

No need to get rid of it entirely. Rather, than purchasing lists of email addresses, consider creating segmented lists based on demographics and user analytics from your website. In that way, you can tailor your email content and offerings to the appropriate audience and realize better click-through rates.

5) Incorporate multimedia

Where are the places Millennials are frequenting online?  According to YouTube, more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute. So why not make your own videos and increase your online presence? Nearly every business can create a series of YouTube videos to reach diverse audiences. The first step is to understand what your customers are looking for – it’s not about you, but fulfilling a need. How-to videos are a good place to start. What do your customers want to know about? Starting with a how-to video also establishes you as an authority in your field. Also consider podcasts, webinars and other interactive resources. If you’re not comfortable with any of these, at least think about incorporating a blog on your site and embedding  selected multimedia.

6) Reconsider pay-per-click advertising

Once pay-per-click or PPC, was all the rage in online marketing circles. Now, it’s time to revisit that strategy when it comes to reaching the Millennial market. They don’t respond to marketing hype. So investing your entire online advertising budget on PPC may not be the best solution. Millennials spend at least eight hours a week on social media.

So take the time to create an organic presence for your business in those venues. Of course, there is still value in using PPC as part of your web marketing strategy, but proceed with caution. Your online marketing team can help you test campaigns – whether they’re traditional or social media-based — and make the best decisions for your business.

Find out more about how to reach the Millennial market – as well as other audiences. Contact us!

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