3 Common Online Marketing Mistakes No Day Spa Should Make

3 Common Online Marketing Mistakes No Day Spa Should Make

If you’re having trouble reaching customers online, you could be making one of these mistakes. Let’s talk about why your potential customers might not be reaching you online, and what you can do about it.

1. Marketing to a Demographic

Demographic-TargetingDemographics make sense in the traditional marketing world, and they’re not completely irrelevant when it comes to online marketing, but they’re close. You may think that your day spa’s ideal customer is a forty year old housewife with disposable income, and you may even be right, but how much does that really tell you?

To be competitive online, you don’t market to demographics. You market to niches. A niche is a group of people who share the same problem. Your goal is to help people solve that problem, first with your content, and then with your product.

It doesn’t much matter if the person who who wants to be pampered and massaged is a forty year old housewife or a twenty-something man. The important thing to understand is that your audience cares about health, beauty, and relaxation. You appeal to those needs, not the needs of a hypothetical target demographic.

2. Never Capturing Your Visitors

How many of your online visitors are repeat visitors? If they aren’t signing up to a newsletter, odds are high that figure is close to zero.

It happens all the time. A visitor lands on your site and loves what they see. They make a mental note to come back, and then they forget. They never bookmarked the site and they don’t remember how they found it. The name of your spa is right on the tip of their tongue, but they aren’t quiet remembering it.

It’s not enough to attract a lot of visitors to your site. You want them subscribing to your blog and receiving helpful emails from you on a regular basis. Most of us aren’t “right now” people. When we decide to do something, we usually decide to do it later.

You need to keep reminding your potential customers that, yes, they deserve a day off. It’s good for their health, mind, and spirit. The more time they invest in the idea, the more likely they are to decide that “later”isn’t good enough anymore.

3. Aggressive Marketing

aggressive-marketing-300x166As much as it’s important to stay on the consumer’s mind, the last thing you want to do is spam their email address with offers and “buy now” messages. This is even more true for their social network accounts.

It’s far more effective to focus on content development. Content marketing is all about building trust with your target audience by sharing advice that appeals to them. Offer a weekly health and beauty tip, share a few yoga techniques, or send them some massage instructions to share with their partner.

This gives them a reason to keep opening your emails and seeing what you have to say. Most people who see a coupon or special offer in their inbox will just delete it, or even block your address as spam. If, on the other hand, you share something helpful, your audience just might forward it to their friends, or share the associated blog post on Facebook.

Subtlety is key here.

Obviously, there’s more to digital marketing than these three mistakes, so if you suspect it’s something else we’d be happy to help. Browse through the categories in the top right to learn more about digital marketing, or give us a call to find out what you can do to grow your customer base.

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