Captivating Content: The Tie that Binds

Captivating Content: The Tie that Binds

When it comes to creating a successful digital content strategy, it’s important to remember that it’s all interrelated. What you put on your website should correspond with what you post in social media, what you put out in print communications, how you present your business in public at networking or other events.


So the takeaway for any company is that content is king. It reinforces your brand though your website and social media, it helps you connect with customers, and facilitates search and relationship building, as well as understanding analytics and creating site optimization. While you’ve got a business to run, not being aware of the value that good, quality content creation and digital marketing management can be shortsighted. For some companies, it makes up nearly 70 percent of the company’s marketing efforts.

Creating a Content Strategy

You’ve probably heard about the term “inbound marketing.”  What this means is that instead of buying ads in print publications, relying on expensive, outdated email lists, and sitting around to get leads, inbound marketing creates quality content that attracts people toward your company or products. When you offer content that your customers are interested in, it’s easier to you to attract inbound traffic that you can then convert customers, close sales and continue to provide relevant content.

Partnering with a Digital Content Agency

When you run your own business, you think you can do it all. But that’s not true. If you have kids, maybe you have a sitter a couple of hours a week so you could work; maybe you have a house cleaner come a couple of times a month; or you probably outsource your accounting and legal needs.

Content on your site is no different. If you’re not a writer, there’s no problem in connecting with people who make this their specialty. Contracting with a digital marketing agency can help you develop your brand, or communicate your message to your target audience.

A template for a digital marketing campaign that boosts inbound marketing can include the following:

  • Make your content original. What are people going to learn that isn’t already Google-searchable?
  • Develop content that is universal– It’s what called “evergreen.” There are many ways to spin the same message while making it meaningful.
  • Mix up your content. Don’t simply focus on articles, but think about pod-casts, white papers, newsletters, influencer marketing and social media posts.

Learn how you can expand your content marketing network. It’s not impossible to do, of course. But managing your digital content marketing does take specialized knowledge. Contact us to help collaborate with your content marketing needs.

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