Got leads? How Content Marketing can Boost Your Business

Got leads? How Content Marketing can Boost Your Business

Are you still on the fence about content marketing? Sure, you can do a direct mail push or hire some call center to blast folks with phone calls during their dinner hour. But today that’s not an effective way to market your business. The key is to deliver high-quality content that educates, entertains and engages your customers.

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As much as people throw out the term “content marketing,” it’s still a bit confusing for many people. Is content marketing just posting some SEO articles, is it participating in social media, is it creating targeted emails, newsletters, infographics, videos and website copy? Or all of the above?

More than anything, content marketing is about generating leads within your target audience. You want to connect with that audience, develop an online relationship and ultimately make a sale or gain new clients. As we approach Valentine’s Day, here’s how to gain a little more love from your potential clients.

1. Target your content to your target audience

Many marketing experts talk about your “brand.” In short, it’s how you present your business. In a study, 80 percent of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of online articles versus an advertisement.

So determining your brand is key.Are you family-oriented, a results-driven professional, the only provider in town? The key to creating great content is knowing who are your various audiences. What are their pain points and what do they need to learn about how you can solve those problems. The good thing is you don’t have to have a lot of text content on your website to promote your brand. Depending on your business, a combination of photos and text (think what is seen on cooking or fashion websites), videos, a downloadable e-book, a whitepaper, a podcast, webinars or classes also constitute content marketing. The point is to keep people informed and engaged with your brand, inspired by what you have to offer. This wide variety of useful and valuable content can turn browsers into repeat clients.

2. Include your call-to-action

Every blog post, web article, video or podcast needs to have a call to action. Simply saying “Learn more” doesn’t work as effectively as “Find out the five ways we can help improve your efficiency.”  You need a succinct, easy to understand reason why someone should take action. Your call to action needs to engage your visitors. If you don’t, you can hurt your click-through rate and lead conversions. And this ultimately impacts your sales.

3. Don’t overlook leads’ information

So you’ve built your site, filled it with content, shared all sorts of information on Twitter, You Tube and Facebook. But how are you capturing your leads’ information? When you offer a white paper, a weekly newsletter or other content of value, create an optimized landing page that requires potential customer information such as a simple email address or more detailed for the sales force including name, company, mailing address and phone number.

Content Marketing Delivers Three More Times on Leads

According to Kapost, per dollar, content marketing can deliver three times more leads than any other medium.

So why not take the lead in this New Year and commit to content marketing. We have all you need to build a strategy, create content and manage your program.  We give you the ability to do what you do best – run your business – while helping to build your business. Contact us to help collaborate with your content marketing needs.

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