How Video Blogs can Improve your site’s Content

How Video Blogs can Improve your site’s Content

If you don’t have a video blog on your website, you may want to consider the benefits of adding rich media to your digital content mix. You’ve heard about all those videos that went viral and almost instantly gained hundreds of thousands – if not millions of views.

videosWhile not guaranteed, this is what can happen when you embed video in your blogs and website. When you include a wide range of content to your online marketing strategy, you can help build your brand, promote products and develop a recognizable personality to your customers – and the world.

Here’s how to create compelling videos to add to your content marketing efforts:

1.      Know your audience

Who is your video for? A general audience? Repeat customers? To attract new clients? This will help you script your video to achieve your specific goals. Of course, you can create several videos to release to target a range of audiences.

2.      What do you want to accomplish?

A video without a purpose is useless. Are you creating a video to entertain or inform? And how will you do this? Outline the content of your script, have a trusted friend or advisor review it – or even better – get an experienced digital marketing agency to help you craft your message and approach.

3.      Showcase your passion

Print can be a very neutral medium while video allows you to exhibit how excited you are about a product and its benefits, knowledgeable about a subject or enthusiastic you are about a cause. Customers get behind real people – not paid spokespersons or actors. A video blog can be very valuable this way in building your brand.

4.      Don’t be afraid of technology

With today’s digital cameras and smart phones, video blogs are very easy to create. However, for a professional look, it takes a bit of effort to create the right lighting, backgrounds editing and content. This is where a digital marketing agency can help.

5.      Use video to demonstrate

One of the greatest advantages to using video in your digital content strategy is that many things are simply easier to demonstrate when your audience can see and hear what you’re doing. Studies show that approximately 65% of people learn visually rather than reading text. So embedding video can help boost your traffic.

6.      Create a way to stand out in the crowd

The mass of blogs out there can blot out even the most compelling content. By adding video to your blog you can create more buzz about your products, services and brands. Even better, as your content improves, you can easily rise to the top of the blog-o-sphere.

Adding video to your website can target new audiences, increase web traffic and help promote new products and services in new ways. Contact us to learn how to create eye-catching videos for your website.

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