What Does Conversion Rate Optimization Concept Mean?

What Does Conversion Rate Optimization Concept Mean?

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Sure is swell to have someone come visit your website. You look at the stats. It appears you have about a thousand different folks drop by every day. They look at your home page. Maybe a couple amble over to the image portfolio. Then something happens.

They leave without going any further.

That’s where conversion rate optimization (CRO) basically comes into play. You want them to take action. Do more than casually glimpse at a few pages. Nutshelling it: CRO boils down to customers going the extra mile when they find you on the Internet. They came because of content, your marketing campaign, advertisements. Some stumble to your virtual domain because they saw a link on an upstream or downstream website that lured them to make the click.

More About CRO, Pluses and Negatives

Local Surge Media believes in more than just building a website, crossing your fingers and hoping clients will miraculously appear out of the ether. We think it’s a full-tilt campaign that turns a static, computer-based billboard into something that will lead you to making money from the site.

CRO breaks-down into a couple of simple components:

  • Discovering what’s causing people to schlep over and why they aren’t converting into spending some money on your business or services.
  • Once you have that information, make it happen. Fix it.

CRO is not:

  • The color of your clickable icons or buttons.
    This is something that you might hear from the staff. They don’t like the black buttons. Some think they should be green. Others opt for red. Two guys from the sales department say they’ve heard that by making your titles and headlines red in color will have an impact on conversion rates. Then there’s making your forms really simple. Too simple. Look, it’s not a bad idea to have a form users fill-out that’s uncomplicated. But if you’re getting information that falls in the bupkis category (you’re not getting what you need to know), why even bother?
  • “Best-practices” and gut feelings.
    Just because someone else had some success with something doesn’t necessarily translate to what is best for you. As for gut feelings? Rarely works. It’s all about solid information or metrics.

And CRO Matters Because?

It’s not a brain twister. Boiled-down to three reasons it’s almost basic common sense. Once you read the trio of why it’s important to consider CRO, don’t slap yourself too hard. That’s why LSM is there. With your website you need to:

  • Expand your share of the market. As you grow your conversion rate you’ll see an increase in traffic that takes action. You’re going to experience more repeat business. Want new customers? CRO awareness will make it so.
  • Monetize the website. Make some sawbucks. Turn gawkers into clients.
  • Spend a little more on advertising with symbiotic websites. And don’t forget links to your domain on other “legit” sites. Never fall for those who say they can generate leads by randomly putting your Internet address on thousands of other websites. Google doesn’t like that. And search engines frown upon (sometimes banning such results from showing-up after a person types in some keywords) which could hurt you, too.

In the wide world of the Internet there are so many things a service or business must know. Confusing terms. Techniques that work. As one might say “it takes a village” to be successful on the Internet. Local Surge Media has these resources. You can go it alone, but our team will handle matters you make never think of. That way you can get back to the business you love and not spend hours fiddling while Rome burns.

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