Benefitting from the Google Hummingbird Update

Benefitting from the Google Hummingbird Update

Hummingbird – named for its super-fast speed in returning better results – is the newest Google algorithm to join the search engine arena. While Google regularly updates its algorithms hundreds of times a year (and sometimes even more than once a day), this change is different. Unlike previous updates, Panda and Penguin, Hummingbird represents a complete revamp of the 15-year-old search engine. Naturally, businesses have questions about how Hummingbird will benefit or change their rankings. We have some answers to the most common concerns.

Green-crowned Brilliant (Heliodoxa jacula) a large robust humminHow do you define a search engine algorithm?

It is an exact calculation that finds an item with specified properties among a group of other items. In other words, an algorithm is a way for Google to sift through an infinite number of web pages to deliver specific query results to a user.

What makes Hummingbird different from other versions of Google?

It searches web pages based on conversational, or semantic, speech – and is especially useful for searches on mobile devices where spoken queries are common.. Previous versions of Google focused on actual word matches; Hummingbird’s conversational search looks into the context of the query words. As a result, the pages that better match the meaning get top ranking, rather than simply those matching select words.

Has the PageRank algorithm disappeared?

No, it’s simply one of many factors that make up the new Hummingbird algorithm. PageRank measures how important links to a page are in addition to other elements such as the quality of your content. Links help Google organize concepts from the Web; they also speak confidently about the credibility of your page.

How will Hummingbird affect my digital marketing efforts?

According to Google, Hummingbird’s algorithm shouldn’t make much difference in how companies craft their digital marketing strategies. The same practices apply as before: don’t duplicate your content and provide relevant, engaging, shareable, likeable and original content.

What happens if I lose traffic from this new algorithm?

Companies that have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy in place may have seen a boost in rankings with Hummingbird. However, there are so many factors that go into experiencing decreased traffic – not just a revised algorithm. If you’ve realized a loss, talk with your seo consultants to review your analytics to, identify deficiencies in your strategy and come up with a plan to improve overall rankings.

What should I still keep doing to increase my rankings?

While Google is continuously trying to improve its search results, there are still things that matter to Hummingbird – and any other algorithm version.

  • Optimizing mobile capabilities. This is where Hummingbird can shine with its conversational search feature.
  • Participating in Google+. This social networking tool is a key to help build your online brand and your Google content ranking.
  • Selectively using keywords. As we’ve said numerous times, quality content that includes keyword optimization regularly delivers results no matter what the Google algorithm.

Who knows what’s in store with Hummingbird, although by all accounts it seems to be working well for most people. As with any aspect of your business, it’s important to monitor your online performance and make adjustments as needed. Contact us to see how we can help.

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