Blogger Gets Google+ Incorporation

Blogger Gets Google+ Incorporation

As if authorship weren’t important enough already, Google+ is taking a page from twitter’s @ symbol and taking it to the next level. Now anybody who uses Blogger can add a + sign in front of a person’s name, and a link will automatically be added to that person’s Google+ profile.

This update also applies to brand names.

Of course, since there will inevitably be multiple names in most cases, the blogger will also be asked to select which profile should be linked to. When a visitor hovers their mouse over the link, a card pops up with the profile avatar and some additional information about the person or brand. While this update will only impact people who run Blogger blogs, there is certainly no shortage of such sites around the web.

If the blogger goes on to share the post on Google+, the person mentioned in the post will be automatically added to the sharebox. They will also have then option of adding that person to their circle.

What’s the Impact?

The next question is, how will Google use this information? Could it possibly be used as a factor if Google+ chooses to implement “authorrank,” which will favor web results authored by influential personalities on Google+? Will Google count these just like traditional links, so that they will cause Google+ pages to show up more prominently in Google’s traditional search results?

Another question that’s been floating around the blogosphere is whether similar features will be made available via WordPress and other blogging platforms. Obviously, the blogging platforms would need to play a part, but it’s up to Google to provide an API or plugins to get things rolling.

Some are also questioning whether this could be a precursor to a Google+ commenting plugin, which will allow visitors on Blogger sites to leave comments using Google+ as a platform, increasing share-ability.

At this point it’s too soon to make any definitive statements, but it’s certainly clear that Google is trying to integrate all of its properties into a cohesive whole. SEOs whose clients are using Google+ or Google+ Local can certainly expect some benefit by:

–        Encouraging conversations in Blogger

–        Letting Bloggers know about the “+” feature

–        If they use Blogger themselves, they can easily notify other influencers that they mentioned them in a post by using the “+” feature, which can be helpful for outreach.

Will this feature take off? It’s hard to say. It’s certainly much easier than the traditional method of linking, which could lead to more widespread use of attribution. It’s certainly clear that Google plans to promote its social media platform in every way possible.

What are your thoughts on this update?

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