Google Plus — The Focused Facebook

Google Plus — The Focused Facebook

Seems as if everyone in the world knows about Facebook. From Texas to Taiwan, chances are a large chunk of the planet’s population has a Facebook account. Very helpful as part of a company’s playbook when it comes to getting the word-out concerning your website.

For the past few years there’s been an up-and-commer that businesses are starting to recognize when it relates to monetizing their Internet spot. It’s called Google+ (Google Plus). Fits in quite nicely with the search engine optimization strategy of trudging up-the-ladder when it comes to plain old Google.

Using Google+ As A Tool

The most apparent advantage of becoming part of the Google+ community is that it tells the search engine run by Google that you’re out there. It’s not alone in exposing your website. There are quite a few others to consider — like Delicious, StumbleUpon, Zootool and Digg.

Consider these as social bookmarking sites. But Google+ is so much more.

Share It

After you become part of the social network, make sure your content is able to be shared. Think of Facebook’s “like” button. Only Google+ uses the nomenclature “+1” as an option.

Many companies are already stretched to snapping point when it comes to maintaining their website. Local Surge Media takes this extra work off your table. We suggest that you check around Google+. See any of your competitors there? If so, then you’re audience is likewise.

Another misnomer is that social networking is for kids. The fastest growing segment for these types of communities are well-established adults.

We leave you with an infographic supplied to us by Online MBA and iStockphoto, RapidEye. While it tells you all about the demographics concerning Google+, it details much more about other social media websites. Our point is: Look at the ages who are using these social networks.

It will surprise you! Click on the graphic to enlarge the details.


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