Identifying Target Keywords Fast

Identifying Target Keywords Fast

When it comes to your biggest content, there’s a good chance you’ll want to invest more time in keyword research, and weighing the pros and cons of traffic verses competition. But, just as frequently, keyword research is about finding something worth writing about that hasn’t been tackled satisfactorily before. In other words, it’s more about “filling in the blanks.” After all, not every piece of content you write will become the target of a massive link building campaign.

The following strategy is especially helpful for daily blog posts or guest posts. You can use it to quickly identify subjects worth writing about.

Virtually all keyword research starts with the AdWords Keyword Tool, but if you’d really like to get the process over with as quickly as possible, you can jump straight into Google and do your keyword research from there. Let’s say I wanted to write a post about Monster High dolls. If that were the case, I’d just jump into Google and search for monster high.

Next, I’d click the globe button to the right of the search bar to remove personalized results.

Clearly, the word monster high dominates the top ten search results, so the next thing I’d do is head up to the search bar and hit the space bar after monster high and see what Google suggests. Currently, Google is suggesting the following:

  • monster high dolls
  • monster high games
  • monster high episodes
  • monster high costumes
  • monster high coloring pages
  • monster high videos
  • monster high characters
  • monster high dolls 2012
  • monster high boy dolls
  • monster high wiki

A little bit of common sense tells me that most of these are already going to be too competitive to beat. However, my instincts tell me that coloring pages, characters, boy dolls, and dolls 2012 are going to be a bit less obvious. Sure enough, the top few pages for monster high boy dolls aren’t written specifically about male monster high dolls, and while there are a few devoted pages from high profile sites like Kmart, a lot of the results are coming from sites like message boards.

This still looks a bit competitive, so I might head back up top and hit the space bar again. From here I discover that monster high boy dolls names is one of the suggestions, and none of the results on the first page are devoted specifically to this subject. (So we’re clear, I’m looking for pages that are about the subject, not pages that use the exact phrase.) This tells me it should be reasonably easy to rank this post. Since it turned up in Google suggest, I also know it must be searched for somewhat frequently.

This process isn’t that helpful for finding keywords to use on an already written piece of content, but it can be a great way to quickly find something worth writing about when time is a limiting factor.

Obviously, I wouldn’t want to name my post “Monster High Boy Dolls Names.” However, I should be able to come up with a more shareable and grammatically correct title like: “Can You Name the Monster High Boy Dolls?”

And that’s all there is to it, the quick and dirty way to find a topic worth writing about for your next daily blog post.

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