Take Me to Your Keyword – A Guide for Aliens

Take Me to Your Keyword – A Guide for Aliens

Pretend you’re in an elevator. Standing next to you is a venture capitalist. This woman carefully makes decisions on which start-ups get some of her investor’s money. Generally speaking, it’s pitch-time for you. After introductions on the way to the top floor, you’ve only got a few sentences to explain why you’d be a good risk. Great product. Great service. A few words.

How would you quickly define your next great idea?



Keywords are kind of like this. You need certain words so search engines can find your website. Test yourself right now. Here’s an example: You’re in the business of selling “space-related” toys online. Unusual play things targeted to kids from ages 4-to-12.

Keywords, please?

Obviously “Toys” is at the top of the list. “Children” is another one. “Space,” “Mars,” and “Stars” are a few more. You get the idea. Those five things are keywords that are hidden or in plain sight for engines run by Yahoo, Bing or Google. Once their software finds these words, it scoops up your Internet webpage and puts it in their rocket ship.

How Do You Find the Best Ones?


Step back into the elevator. Let’s brainstorm a little. Here’s what you need to pay attention to:

  • Go general. What are the topics that your client-base is interested in? You can take a direct or indirect approach. If you sell customized dog collars that needs to be part of your businesses keyword list. But what about leashes, chew toys and treats. You may not sell them, but they are downstream products that have something to do with pets.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social media sites are super resources. The posts on like-minded pages can provide you with a resource to “drill down” in your search for keywords that have something to with the service or products you’d like to monetize. Frankly, you’re focusing on how stuff is being used and talked about.
  • Consider that the majority of folks seeking something are, in effect, posing a question. You’ve got the answer. Makes no matter if you’re talking about search engines or social media. Become part of the conversation on sites where you can post solutions and leave comments. Get a reputation as a “go-to” person. That will draw people to your website if you leave a calling cards with your Internet address and a keyword or two.
  • Don’t fall into the deep, dark hole of “inside baseball.” The folks around the office refer to your business in their own special language. Use their suggestions with a grain of salt, reminding them that not everyone knows what HVAC means or what a “Plastic O-Ring” is. Hop-out of the box, walking a mile in your customer’s shoes.

Final Words to the Aliens

Draft a spreadsheet. In it keep all new and existing products and services your business does.  Then in another column fill-in a few keywords for that particular item. What should you be tracking for every keyword?

  • If you get too fancy, remind yourself of how difficult it is for regular Joes to type-in what you’re using. Also, be mindful that the lower the percentage of difficulty, the better it will be for the search engines to nudge you to the first 20 results.
  • Go global by monitoring who in the world is coming to your site from faraway lands.
  • And most important of all: How many people are coming to your website that lives relatively close to where your brick-and-mortar store is located?

Now that we’ve welcomed the extra-terrestrials to our monetary system, you want them to take some souvenirs back to their pet monster Frunobulax on their home world. Keywords are vital for them to find you and exchange some beads and trinkets for a few acres on your new satellite site in this distant galaxy. Your only concern now is can they teach you how to travel at light-speed. Why? Because that’s how fast the Internet goes. Additionally, you don’t want to have to voyage two-hundred-thousand years using our current technology to get to your otherworldly branch.

The alien’s may have invented a super speed elevator. Use it if they let you.

Original Source: https://www.localsurgemedia.com/keyword-research/take-me-to-your-keyword-a-guide-for-aliens

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