3-2-1 Launch. More Tips

3-2-1 Launch. More Tips

Somewhat like money, getting people to come to your new online identity doesn’t grow on trees. Because of that obvious conclusion, cultivating a crop of new customers is not like picking the low-hanging fruit. The important thing to remember is to make a solid morass of branches and understanding that everyone who visits your website is different.

Loyalty is something earned on many different levels. Just because a thousand visitors drop by, if they’re window shopping it does nothing to water the roots of your company.

SEO and Reality

Search engine optimization works when it’s done correctly. You want people to sample your site. But face it, unless it’s executed effectively, you’ll get buried among the millions-upon-millions of other places. Focusing on your products and you’re exact brick-and-mortar location are key. This is extremely true for those businesses offering a service. No self-respecting plumber is going to hop a plane to fix a pipe in Thailand.

Getting people hooked depends on not only “pull.” There’s a huge smidgen of “push” involved. Are you getting real email addresses and names? That’s the only way you’re going to be able to push vital information, products and services to construct your faithful customer base online.


So, Aside From SEO-generated Samplers, Other Traffic Generators Are Needed

It may sound counter-productive. It’s not. Right-off the bat folks visiting your new website are most likely going to come to you from another place on the web. Not a search engine necessarily. Call this referral traffic.

More likely than not you’re part of a community. You have upstream and downstream suppliers. Become their friends. You will be seeking to get a link or recommendation on their website. For instance, if you are a car dealer you are part of the automotive crowd.

Using that as an example, offer to write an informative blog on something interesting for another company that’s in the same business as you. Just not in your competitive sphere. The gold standard would be submitting a post to a place like Edmunds.com. We’re simply dreaming here, but you get the point.

It’s all about cross-pollination.

Finding Other Bees

Advertising works. It’s a write-off. If you purchase an ad on another symbiotic website, you will grow traffic. It won’t happen overnight. Be prepared to take time. Pay attention to which sites are driving users to your website. More significantly, make note of the places that aren’t performing results. Drop those hot potatoes.

When you contract with Local Surge Media, we have a rich bank of writers that can compose these things called “advertorials.” They create sponsored (by you) content that doesn’t come-off as a screaming ad. But it does refer potential clients to your domain.

Another feature we provide is giving you a social media presence. LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook are a few of the existing communities we use to plug you into future clients. This is a full-time exercise. If you’re a DIY’er, farm this out. You have a business to run. Our forte is taking this potentially obsessive practice from your plate.

Fall-Out Troops

To bullet-point how to get traffic to drop-by and spend some cash, consider these tips:

  • Traffic is just ducky, but you want to drive the right type of visitors to your new site.
  • A mention on a super-site will explode your user stats. But that’s a temporary thing. The solution is to review your metrics and see where the new audience is coming from. Are they translating into purchasing your stuff? If not, we’ll find the ones that actually pay-off.
  • You need consistent, high-quality traffic that actually joins your email marketing list and eventually buys something.
  • It’s a daily full-time job to expand your loyal users. Once again, you’ve got more important matters to attend to. And the office manager knows accounting, HR and a bunch of other things. Forget about putting this in their shopping bag. It’s heavy enough already.
  • Persistence, persistence, persistence.

Those newly planted trees will only bear fruit if they feel your love through water, sunshine, nutrients and an array of other matters. If you’ve got time, then you’re taking hours away from what you do best.

The days of “build it and they will come” only happens in movies.

Original Source: https://www.localsurgemedia.com/link-building/3-2-1-launch-more-tips

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