Why You Need Links that Bring Traffic

Why You Need Links that Bring Traffic

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There is a vocal minority in the SEO community who believe that optimization is all about building links, regardless of where the links come from or how they are obtained. Some call this the “black hat” community, although these kinds of labels are rarely helpful and are usually defined differently by whoever uses them.

The purpose of this post isn’t to polarize and claim the moral high-ground. Instead, it is to explain specifically why it’s a good idea to focus on links that bring traffic, and why it might not be a good idea to chase after links no matter where they are or how you get them.

star Traffic is traffic– A link that sends visitors directly to your site is unquestionably a good thing. There is no link that can send referral traffic and still be considered a waste of time. Even if the referral traffic isn’t converted into direct sales, it boosts brand recognition and increases exposure. Users who have seen you before are for more likely to make a purchase if they’ve seen you before.

Links that don’t send traffic, by contrast, may be a waste of time. In some cases they can boost search engine rankings, but the algorithm offers no guarantees and never will. Without traffic, there’s no guarantee a link will ever provide any benefit for your business.

star House of cards– Links that people don’t see or click on can form a house of cards. No matter how elaborate the linking scheme, no matter how unlikely it is that you will get “caught,” if your search engine authority rests entirely on empty links you have to face the fact that your brand has no real online reputation.

In other words, your audience is fickle. If the algorithm changes tomorrow it could disappear entirely. Your links don’t come from genuine allies, so there will be nobody to turn to for help if you find yourself in trouble and need to start over from scratch. Nobody will actually care if you lose your place in the search results, and so your position is a fragile one.

star Google cares about traffic-The same goes for Bing, of course. Search engines don’t actually care about your site’s “link authority.” The only thing they care about is whether their users will care about you. If nobody visits your site, and nobody who links to you has an audience, the search engines have no real reason to think you matter. Increasingly, the search engines have access to traffic data and are using it to fine tune their algorithms. If you don’t care about traffic, Google doesn’t care about you, and that puts you in a precarious position.

When it comes right down to it, link building simply isn’t supposed to be “easy.” The harder your link building strategy, the easier it is to build genuine authority that lasts. The search engines don’t want it to be easy to take the top position for a competitive keyword, which means you’ll always be fighting uphill if you try to do it any other way.

How are you building links that send genuine traffic?

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