Can Customer Reviews Doom Your Reputation? Here’s how to fix it!

Can Customer Reviews Doom Your Reputation? Here’s how to fix it!

Whether you run an e-commerce business or simply have a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts for your company, a vital part of managing your professional – and personal – reputation is to closely monitor people’s comments. You may think, “Oh, there’s always going to be someone who is unhappy. You can’t please them all.” True, but a disgruntled customer and a well-placed social media complaint can do damage that may take years to mend. Here are some steps to take to better monitor client comments and opinions.

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1.      Consider who you “friend”

Do you automatically accept friend requests and other social media invitations? You may want to think twice about the people you will be associated with. While many may be harmless to your reputation, others may hold views or post material that others may find controversial. Take the time to review each request and read a selection of posts to get a feel for your new social media contacts.

2.      Is the comment justified?

Think honestly if there was something you or your company did, or a glitch in your processes, that elicited the complaint. If so, first apologize. Everyone makes mistakes and most customers just want to be heard and are happy with a simple apology. Second, perhaps offer something of value to the customer such as a discount or product replacement. Gestures such as those go a long way in maintaining customer satisfaction.

3.      Take advantage of reputation management tools

There are many applications available that can help you monitor what people are saying about you.  You can set up Google alerts with your name as the keyword and then anytime someone posts about you or your company, you’ll receive a notification. Of course, then you need to take the time to track the comment down, respond to it and hope it hasn’t already done some damage to your online reputation. Other tools, like Social Mention, search all the social media sites – including blogs, videos or images — for any key phrase you want to use. The downside is that it’s not an automated tool, so you’d have to remember to regularly check the results. That’s why building a team is so important to your reputation because there are only so many hours one person can devote to doing all that it takes to successfully run a business

Reputation management is just as important as marketing, sales and quality customer service in maintaining the health of your company. Contact us to see how we can make reputation monitoring easy for you.

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