8 Alternatives to Guest Posting

8 Alternatives to Guest Posting

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We recently defended guest posting as a viable strategy when done right. But it seems many in the industry can’t quite seem to move past it, and have trouble coming up with alternative ways to build links. So we’ve decided to collect together some of the strongest alternatives. We may have mentioned some of these methods before, but this will be the first time we’ve collected them in one place:

  1. Links from photographers – Whenever you hire a photographer to spice up your site, try to work with one who has an established presence on the web and likes to showcase their work on their blog. Give them an opportunity to take some snapshots they’ll be proud of, and let them show off the results of their work with you on their blog, along with a link.
  2. Links from interviewees – Reach out to media personalities and request an interview. Many of them will be happy for the opportunity, and will gladly answer a few questions in exchange for a little exposure. When you’re finished, ask if they could link to the interview.
  3. Links from developers – If you hire a good developer and have some good work done, there’s a chance the developer will want to use the results as an example of what they can do for their new clients, and link to your site in the process.
  4. Links from link lists – While directory links aren’t particularly helpful, there are quite a few sites that still showcase a collection of links on their site as a way to share more information about a topic they enjoy. These may not be the most powerful links, but if you contact these webmasters for feedback on your work, sometimes you can also get a link out of the process.
  5. Links from infographics – A particularly interesting and attractive infographic can be a great way to attract links, and if you include an embed, other bloggers can copy the infographic along with a link back to your site.
  6. Links from business partners – If you’re in business with somebody, it’s fairly natural to ask if they would be interested in exchanging links. Provided the links are contextual and it’s not your only strategy, this can be a more powerful method than most realize.
  7. Links from tools – If you can develop a tool in house and embed a link in it, and the tool catches on, the links back to your site can offer a solid boost in the search results, as long as you avoid relying heavily on anchor text. Bare urls and company names are safer and easier to justify as legitimate marketing, rather than search manipulation.
  8. Links from link bait – Good solid content written to capture the interest of bloggers and webmasters is always a good way to go. It helps to “seed” the effort a bit by contacting people in the industry with influence and asking if it were the type of content they would want to follow up on their own site.

This list should give you an idea of how diverse this landscape can be, and that you don’t need to be stuck with any particular link building method.

Can you think of other alternatives to guest posting?

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