Guest Posting for Direct Traffic

Guest Posting for Direct Traffic

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SEOs are more than familiar with guest posts, but primarily as a means of getting links for search engine visibility. As plenty of non-SEO marketers already know, guest posts alone can be a powerful source of referral traffic and brand recognition. By using your knowledge of SEO in combination with these tactics, you can transform your guest posts into a traffic powerhouse. Here’s how.

1. Post on High Traffic Blogs

Granted, it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that a guest post on a high traffic blog means you’re more likely to see referral traffic. However, shifting the focus from search engine authority to traffic can change your approach and your results. Virtually any site with high traffic is bound to find search engine authority at some point. The opposite isn’t necessarily true.

2. Leverage Your SEO Know-How

Why abandon everything you know about SEO when you write a guest post? All to often, a guest post is written with only one aspect of SEO in mind, the benefits for your own site in the form of “link juice.”

But if you’re chasing after guest posts on high traffic blogs, now is the perfect time to take advantage of everything you know about keyword research, link bait, and user statistics. You get to borrow the readership you always wanted, and use it to accomplish things you couldn’t on your own site.

Now you can target the high traffic keywords you can’t compete for. You can give link bait the exposure it needs to grab natural links.

Why do all this? Sustained traffic. Rank your guest post well and it will continue to send traffic to your site for years to come. Keep doing this with each guest post and watch your referral traffic grow every month.

You know what ranks on your site. You know how to funnel those visitors to other pages on your site. Treat your guest post the way you would any post on your site, only with the knowledge that you have more exposure and search engine authority.

3. Use Social Media

You can be a bit more lax about promoting your guest post on social media than about promoting your own. You know the 10 to 1 rule for sharing your own posts on Reddit? Since it’s not your own site, you can loosen up a bit about this (provided you don’t take it too far). It also doesn’t appear quite so self serving to mention a post on a blog other than your own in social media.

To give the guest post more life, start the conversation elsewhere and use the guest post as a platform to move the discussion and keep it moving. If there is an ongoing forum conversation or social media discussion, and you mention an article on a prominent blog that adds to the discussion, it’s rather natural for that following to engage with the guest post. This is especially true if you mention, by name, people who were a part of that discussion.

Since you’re already guest posting on a prominent blog, and seeding the social conversation, the odds of something viral happening are much higher. This can transform your post into a prominent post on a prominent blog, bringing long term traffic.

In conclusion, guest posts are more than just a source of domain authority. They can be a source of sustained traffic, especially if you use your knowledge of SEO to make them more valuable and long lasting. The results are cumulative, and the effort keeps paying off.

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