Is Influencer Marketing Right for you?

Is Influencer Marketing Right for you?

Influencer marketing…are you doing it? If not, then maybe now is the time to explore the possibilities to boost sales and build a larger brand by tapping into key influencers. What is an influencer? It’s someone who has the ability to recommend your product or service to an even wider group of potential customers. Think of them as the celebrity endorsers of your industry. Word-of-mouth is powerful and helps build trust from your customers when their colleagues and thought leaders recommend your business.

Here are some current influencer marketing campaigns that generated results for their companies.

Acura ILX Influencer Campaign

In it’s #WeekwithILX campaign, Acura gave influential millennial bloggers a new ILX to drive around for a week. The goal was to have these bloggers – with thousands of followers – create blog posts, upload pictures, take videos to share across their social media platforms. After tallying the results of the four-month campaign, Acura realized 750% ROI and significantly increased sales.

Acura began with one of the primary steps to gaining influencers – identifying who they are. Some of the criteria includes evaluating post frequency, the type of audience engagement, as well as the relevancy and quality of content.

Tyson Foods

For the “Why Should Cookies Have All the Fun?” campaign, one Christmas, Tyson asked mommy bloggers to help promote chicken nuggets by decorating the nuggets as Christmas trees, reindeer and snowmen and sharing their creations across their social networks. Thanks to 8.8 million impressions on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and all the various mommy blogs, Tyson sold out their entire inventory of chicken nuggets.

The success of this campaign could be attributed to another tenant of influence marketing – managing influencer relationshipsThe mommy bloggers were able to be themselves and tell authentic stories about their experiences with the product. This is very important in gaining credibility from influencers peers and followers.  Another important item was to let the influencers know at the start what you wanted them to do. Have fun with the project, but our main goal is to sell chicken nuggets, so showcase those prominently.

Sprout it Backyard Takeover

Geben Communication created a successful influencer campaign that asked homeowners to take pictures of their back yards, share those photos with their social networks – and win the chance to win a back yard makeover.

This campaign worked by having a third influencer “must-do” step into their work. Because not everyone is on the same social media sites, Sprout It gave influencers an opportunity to use multiple platforms using a variety of rich media, such as videos and photos. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest could all be terrific social media sites for this type of influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer marketing can be a powerful tool in your overall digital marketing strategy. Let us help you identify who your influencers are and how we can help you develop successful campaigns.

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