Its Your Online Business – Now What?

Its Your Online Business – Now What?

Ever plan a big dinner party? Local Surge Media would like you to entertain these ideas concerning your online business. We’ll do the work. We just wanted to give you an overview that, like a large gathering involving a 5-course meal, there’s a lot more involved than just sending out the invitations.

A lot goes into this festivity. Go watch the new movie called “The Great Gatsby.” The party scene will blow you away. Same with your website. It’s where you’re mixing business with a social gathering … successfully.

Only we’re going to bring it to you without expensive costumes, plenty of bubbly and a spread to die for. We’re going to stage this story as it applies to your business on the Internet.


Caution: Formula Ahead

Ready for the calculus? Pretty simple, but here’s a creed we follow at Local Surge Media:

Take one portion of “have to do” on your website. Add an equal amount of what you’re able to do in an Internet environment. Those two components will give you the answer. In other words: What should you be doing?

  • You’re the man.
    It’s your business. To take care of all aspects concerning your online presence means you will let the bidness of making money take second place. That should always be your goal and not whether the buttons are red or blue.
  • Who in your business will “own” the website.
    As the big guy (or gal), you can’t handle everything. Someone on the inside needs to have access to you and is in charge of being a liaison between your product-line or services and Local Surge Media. This individual will need to be like the person who handles the books. They must be detail-oriented. Not micro-managers. This human being simply makes sure that the trains are running on time. The assigned person should have a working knowledge of web matters. They don’t have to be experts. That’s our job. Basically what we’re saying they need to be able to report to the boss, stay abreast of matters and talk to us. But you’re not going to need to find a lad who works in the mailroom and turn them into nerds. They’re your reps.
  • Gotta have a plan.
    You’re a multi-tasker. Just don’t get all wrapped-up in either your brick-and-mortar establishment or your website. Ignoring one-or-the-other is dangerous. Stay aware, but we’ll do the hands-on stuff. In a way, use us as your tool box. And don’t be afraid to ask questions or make suggestions. Most likely we already have it covered. Talk to the person who “owns” the website at your shop. You’re busy making payroll. You just need a relationship with the insider who keeps up-to-speed.

Getting Things in Focus

There’s no need to hone-in on hammering-down the online aspect and attempt to force the website to kiss your existing business plan. This will drive you nuts.

The essence of the calculus we mentioned above means you’ll need to have the focus of the best hunting dog in the world. Remember the formula we noted above:

Repeating: Take one portion of “have to do” on your website. Add an equal amount of what you’re able to do in an Internet environment. Those two components will give you the answer: What should you be doing?

There are all kinds of, what we used to call, “dancing baloney” to add to your website. That’s swell. Goofy animations, wacky games; useless stuff like that. But is it making you money? Focus on the formula, Luke. You’re out for success and functionality!

It may win an award for artistry, but unless it spits out greenbacks, it’s doing nothing for your bottom-line. Or the partiers who attend your blow-out when they come to the dinner soiree.

By the way: Did anyone remember to put stamps on the invitations? Save the sweat. Local Surge Media has that covered.

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