6 Tips to Make the Most Out of Pinterest

6 Tips to Make the Most Out of Pinterest

Is Pinterest right for your business? Perhaps. To date, about 500,000 businesses are on Pinterest and those participating have realized approximately 67% growth in web traffic referrals as of November 2013.

PinterestIf you’re not familiar with it, Pinterest is a social media site that lets people collect and organize the things that inspire them. And these could be your products and services.

So maybe it’s time to rethink your online marketing strategy. Pinterest is something to consider – whether you’re in a very visually oriented business such as interior design or you only sell car parts to B2B customers. As we say with all online marketing strategies, the more people who view and share your content, the better your results. The way it works is that each “pin” links back to the site it came from – your website. Here’s what we’ve found works best for businesses on Pinterest.

Be Pin-friendly

Just like you may have a Facebook and a Twitter link on your site to help visitors share content, be sure to add the Pinning symbol to your site.

Make it visual

Populate the site with your graphics, your enticing logo, the projects you’ve worked on. If you don’t have a strong grasp of how to “visualize” your business, this is where your digital communications team can come into play. Depending on your business it may be photos, charts, info-graphics or video. Your team can work with you to develop your visual assets along with your marketing assets.

Invite guests to pin

Being on social media means developing involvement. If you’re a business, participating on Pinterest is about getting followers involved in the boards you create – your specific collection of pins. So invite others to join in. They could share anything – a new display, a series of photos or a video of a new location, an enticing new product or a vacation. What matters is that your group is interacting with your business.

Be true to your audience

As a company who are you? What do you do? Who is involved in the day-to-day? Pinterest is a great place to build your brand by posting a photo or video of yourself, employees, key community activities that you’re involved in. You can do these as individual posts and then collect them on a Pinterest board.

Send your videos to Pin

If you’ve taken the time to explore Pinterest, you know it’s more than about photos – it’s a multimedia experience.  Create informational videos for your customers about how to help them do something better.

Promote your specials

If you have a coupon, a special or deal to promote, take it to Pinterest. An eye-catching coupon that looks modern and stylish can spread the word and help build your brand

Pinterest can be another avenue to increase your social media presence – as well as an awareness of your company.

Contact us to find out how you can leverage Pinterest for your company!

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