Avoid These 5 Social Media Mistakes

Avoid These 5 Social Media Mistakes

Although social media has been around for a long time now, it’s an every-changing platform that’s not always easy to master. Some business owners are social media savvy, but the majority of people learn bad habits early on and continue to commit the same mistakes. If you haven’t been seeing the kind of results you want from your social media marketing campaigns, consider if you’re making one of these top five mistakes.


1.      Making it all about you

Marketing and advertising revolve around selling benefits to the customer – not patting yourself on the back. When your social media posts scream “Me! Me! Me!” it’s an immediate turn off to a potential customer. Certainly, if you were named one of the top businesses in your city, you received a special recognition or had a profile published in your business association or alumni magazine, then it’s appropriate to post on your company’s Facebook page or to tweet about it. However, there can be too much of a good thing. Social media is about interaction – and you can’t interact with your audience when you’re busy gazing at your navel.

2.      Being unresponsive to comments and questions

Again, it’s all about the engagement. A successful social media campaign relies on developing a regular community that asks questions, posts comments, likes, shares, retweets – and generally keeps the conversation flowing. Having great content is just the first step. From there you need to monitor who is saying what and quickly follow up with other thought-provoking comments or knowledgeable answers. The comments section is also a great place to gather ideas for future blog and social media posts.

3.      Refusing to address negative comments

Face it, not everyone is going to like your business or service, nor sometimes what you have to say. Ignoring these comments won’t make the situation better. Take the high road, address the issue or simply politely agree to disagree.

4.      Not keeping close tabs on your social media accounts

Undoubtedly, you have spam filters set up for your email accounts. Consider doing the same with your social media accounts. By regularly monitoring them, you can weed out and block the off-topic commentators who simply want to spam your various accounts. In this way, you won’t be diluting your branding via some huckster. It’s also an opportunity to quickly correct inaccurate information or help alleviate a potential problem before it happens.

5.      Giving up on social media

We’re so used to everything being immediate on the Internet, that it’s natural to think your social media campaigns will be overnight successes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like friendships, business partnerships and networking, social media takes time and effort to build those beneficial relationships.

By working with your digital marketing agency, you can stay on top of your social media presence, build new contacts and develop innovative social media campaigns. Contact us to learn more.

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