Build Your Brand With Social Media Just Like These 3 Companies

Build Your Brand With Social Media Just Like These 3 Companies

As a business, your brand is everything. Taking advantage of the many benefits of social media can help boost your company’s profile. Take a look at what these leaders in their industries have done to increase their social media presence.


Join Kool-Aid

“Hey Kool-Aid man!”  It’s an iconic ad that many people still associate with the brand. While the Kool-Aid Man has been around since the 1950’s, the company recently thought it needed a brand refresh. So it took to social marketing to bring the brand to its new life.

Kool-Aid designed a custom Photobomb app to take advantage of its consumers desire to share via social media. And they wanted to create an easy way to do so via the Kool Aid brand. The result was significant Facebook fan growth, far exceeding the three million fan mark so far in 2013. Today Kool-Aid ranks within the top 10% of branded sites.

Think like Martell Home Builders

In the past, this custom home builder has relied upon realtors to generate business. Since adopting an online and social media strategy, the company has been able to cut out the middleman. They started with creating relevant content for their customers, covering topics such as what new homeowners need to know about about fixing up their homes or key tips to staging their home when they’re selling.

What sets the builder apart is their transparent customer service. Martell equips its contractors with GPS systems so the company’s customers know at all times where their contractor is on the job.

That’s just the start of their online presence .The company posts online photo galleries of their customers projects-in-progress. Clients are able to view what’s going on with their houses, as well as share the work with friends and family. The company reports that this strategy has given them an increased online  identities.

Get Onboard with Samsung

Samsung TV’s “Like It, Reveal It, Win It” campaign leveraged social media to its best. Each week, the company gave away a product on Facebook, encouraging customers to regularly participate and invite friends to join in. After “liking”  the company’s Facebook page, customers enter to win Samsung products by unlocking pixels. The more pixels a user unlocks, the more chances he or she has to win the hidden weekly Samsung prize. With this campaign, Samsung wanted to increase its Facebook fan acquisition. As a result, they added more than 12,000 new fans within the first week and a half. The company reports that they continue to gain new fans as the contest continues.

These are just three examples of how major brands – across many industries – turn to social media tactics to build their businesses. However, one size does not fit all. A social media branding strategy should be customized to your business and audiences. Talk to us about how we can enhance your business via social media.

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