An Introduction to Foursquare Marketing

An Introduction to Foursquare Marketing

With nearly 30 million people using the platform, Foursquare has dominated the local mobile experience. While Yelp, Google, and Apple all play a crucial role in the way modern consumers find local businesses, Foursquare is the only one that has successfully merged social, local, and mobile on a single platform in a big way.

foursquare-marketing-tipsThe key to Foursquare’s success was the ability to “check in.” Users with the app installed on their phone can check in from the location and share where they are with their friends on Facebook and other social networks. This makes word-of-mouth advertising simple and easy for consumers to take part in. As the only successful social media company focused exclusively on local business, marketers can’t afford to ignore it.

Here are some of the ways you can leverage Foursquare to reach consumers in Austin. All of them are free.


You can use specials in tandem with check-ins to create a “social rewards program” for your customers. Customers who check in can receive special deals, and they may receive different deals depending on how many times they’ve checked in and how loyal they’ve been. Best of all, Foursquare’s rating system is based on user’s check-in habits. By using specials to develop check-in habits, you can improve your ratings and increase visibility on Foursquare.


One of the greatest things about Foursquare is the insight it gives you into your consumers. After claiming your venue on Foursquare, you can access demographic information and other insights that can help you plan your marketing efforts in the future.

Send Local Updates

Send out updates to people who have decided to follow your business on Foursquare, or who check into it frequently. Updates can be anything from news to photos, and you can select which locations to send them out to.


Much like Facebook, Foursquare has given businesses the opportunity to open up their own pages on the network. It acts as your central location on the network, and lets you post some information about your business, as well as links to your site and your other social profiles.

The Follow Button and Save to Foursquare Button

Similar to Facebook’s “like” and and, of course, Twitter’s “follow” button, the Foursquare Follow button lets users subscribe to your brand.

The “Save to Foursquare” button is especially helpful. Users who subscribe using this option will receive locally targeted messages from you. This is incredibly powerful, because users only receive the messages when they are in a locally relevant location.

API Platform

Foursquare has its own API that developers can take advantage of. Those with coding experience can take advantage of this in order to develop in-house analytics and track the success of your marketing efforts in ways that haven’t been possible before.

Foursquare is a great place to build loyalty with your local customers and help spread the word, as well as stay in touch with them about deals, events, and specials. Since Foursquare is a social media network completely built around local businesses, sales messages and the like are much more acceptable than they are on networks like Facebook.

We highly recommend getting involved on this network if you aren’t already, and if you’d like some more pointers, you get in touch with us at 512-346-5000.

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