The Four Part Online Marketing Strategy: Part 2 – Reach

The Four Part Online Marketing Strategy: Part 2 – Reach

Last week we discussed reputation: the way you are perceived online. Today we’ll be talking about reach, your ability to influence consumers through the web. While a positive reputation is incredibly important, it is useless without influence. Consumers need to hear of you in the first place for your reputation to matter. So let’s talk about how to make that happen.

Online Relationships

True reach isn’t measured by the number of “likes” you have on Facebook or the number of visits you get from the search engines. It’s measured by your ability to influence online, and ultimately offline, behavior.

For a consumer to take an action, they have to trust you. On some level, that means you have a relationship with your consumer.

The best place to start building influence is, of course, with influential relationships. People who have influence, have followers who trust them. If you can build relationships with influential people, their followers will implicitly trust you as well.

Relationships are give and take. In order to build relationships with influencers, you will need to offer value to them in some form. Start with what’s in it for them. A few ways to build these kinds of relationships:

–        Offer your services or resources

–        Share a piece of information they would find interesting

–        Offer to help promote them

–        Work on a collaborative project

These relationships will expand your reach, but the process doesn’t end there. These relationships will bring attention, but you will fail unless you manage to keep that attention. This means you’ll need to interact and build relationships with your audience as well.

At times this means you will interact directly with your audience through comments, forums, and social media. This is important because it gives you a human face that newcomers can grow to trust.

Of course, it’s often impossible to build this kind of relationship with every customer individually. That is why you need to build targeted, segmented email lists in order to communicate with a large audience in a personal way. Encourage feedback, and respond to messages directly. This may be difficult to scale, but the payoff in reputation and retention is dramatic.


We’ve mentioned that it’s usually impossible to build one-on-one relationships with every single customer. However, it is possible to build long term relationships with a large audience through the use of content.

Content is a broad term that refers to any piece of media you use to interact with your audience. Examples include:

–        Blog posts

–        Images

–        Videos

–        Ebooks

–        Guides

–        Whitepapers

–        Infographics

–        Interviews

–        Social media posts

Research has shown that while the most active people on social networks use them to communicate and express themselves, most use them primarily to entertain themselves. Content is how you interact with these people. By entertaining and informing them, you give them a reason to keep returning to your site and exposing themselves to your brand.

Content has two ways of expanding your reach: through word of mouth and search engine visibility.

Well crafted content compels people to share it with their friends on social networks. Networks like Facebook, Foursquare, and Google+ are especially useful, because these networks tend to be very localized. This allows word to spread through your community and reach a larger audience.

Similarly, engaging content also encourages bloggers and other influencers to link to it. In addition to sending referrals directly to your site, this behavior sends positive signals to search engines like Google, which further amplify your traffic.

For more on relationship building, check out our social media section. To gain a better grasp of content production, visit the content development section on our site. If you’d like some specific advice that applies to your business, feel free to give us a call at 512-346-5000.

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