Using Twitter to Actually Make Money

Everybody knows that Twitter is one of the biggest social networks out there, and that it can be a good place to boost brand impressions and build up an online following. But then there are studies like the one recently published by Custora, finding that Twitter is responsible for less than 0.01 percent of customer acquisitions, and that those customers had a lifetime value 23.36 percent lower than average.

Is it actually even possible to use Twitter to make money?


Yes. Take HubSpot, for example, which has been able to achieve conversion rates higher than five percent from their tweets. It is also their third most important traffic source. Considering that most landing pages have conversion rates much lower than five percent, this is quite a feat, and it tells us that Twitter can indeed be used to actually make money.

So what are successful marketers doing differently on Twitter?

First of all, the value of your tweets has much less to do with what you actually do on Twitter, and a lot more to do with how much you invest in the content on your site. While you should invest some of your time listening and responding to conversations on twitter, much more of your time should go into content that will impress people and drive them to convert and share what you have to say.

First and foremost, content must be interesting. Second, it needs to be helpful. And finally, it needs to be new.

Smart Twitter marketers don’t waste too much time with casual conversations on Twitter, or trying to pack wisdom into 140 character tweets. Most of what they tweet are links to interesting, impactful, helpful content.

Furthermore, successful marketers invest in content and relationships that add to influence on Twitter. In other words, you create content that targets not just consumers, but the kind of people who have a lot of influence online. And you can enhance this dramatically by staying in touch with people who have very influential Twitter profiles.

A few other things successful marketers do when they use Twitter:

  • Research suggests that tweeting about 15 to 25 times a day is optimal
  • Don’t reply to every single tweet. Reply to questions and negative comments, and to influential people.
  • Brand your Twitter account with a CTA, custom layout, and a link to an optimized landing page
  • Actually tweet about your offers. Don’t do this too frequently, do it just often enough to keep your followers reminded of what you have to offer
  • Tweet about your content every time you publish it, often more than once. Twitter is a very cluttered place, and these things go missed all the time.
  • Share videos on Twitter using Vine, and do this often.

It is possible to use Twitter to make actual money, but you need to approach it correctly. Twitter is not a place for hard sells, nor is it a place to chat all day with your audience. It is a place to share helpful content, respond to questions and negative comments, and build relationships with influential people. Keep this in mind and you will succeed in driving ROI on the internet’s most scatterbrained platform.

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