Understanding Facebook’s New Changes

Understanding Facebook’s New Changes

In December 2013, Facebook changed its News Feed algorithm to focus on pushing what they consider “high-quality” content. This means that Facebook users will see more related articles, posts with recent comments, and news and articles in their News Feed rather than memes, images and other marketing-related content.

FacebookchangesIn a recent interview, Facebook’s News Feed Manager, Lars Backstrom, was asked about the new algorithm change and whether Facebook was paying attention to the source of the content or solely the type of content? Backstrom acknowledged that the algorithm currently is oriented around the publishing source and whether or not Facebook considered that source high quality.

Over the summer, Facebook offered a look into how they calculate high-quality content. Their system considers over 1,000 different factors to determine quality. These include receiving content from a source you would trust, would you complain about seeing the post in your feed, and is the post low quality or a meme?

And while most people would think that virality, indicated high-quality content – after all, everyone shared it — in fact the opposite could be true. The New York Times ran an article that highlighted numerous viral stories that turned out to be false, but were thought to be true.

What this means for brands and small businesses developing and refining their digital marketing strategies is still up in the air. Facebook once noted that brand posts reach approximately 16% of their fans. However digital marketing analysts report that that number is now roughly 2.5% for standard posts on large pages. According to these analysts, a year ago a brand could expect to reach 16 out of 100 fans; today that brand would be fortunate to get 3 out of 100 fans.

Facebooks new algorithm represents a major change in how the social media site will be treating branded content moving forward, and this significantly impacts a brand’s opportunities.  If it’s even harder to reach the customers who have liked your content and continue to engage with it, then why should a brand even use Facebook as a part of their digital strategy?

With this new change, it’s important that businesses rethink their digital marketing strategies and social media presence. We can help you review your goals, audit your content and develop a social media strategy that best meets your needs.

Give us a call and find out how to make Facebook work for you!

Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevegarfield/6896403874/

Original Source: https://www.localsurgemedia.com/social-media-1/understanding-facebooks-new-changes


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