Ways to Localize Your Facebook Page

Ways to Localize Your Facebook Page


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Whether you’re a local business, or a larger business with several locations, it’s never a bad idea to speak directly to the consumers who live nearby. It helps personalize your messages, and it reminds them that their relationship with you doesn’t have to end online.

While the local elements of Google+ Local, Foursquare, and Yelp are obvious, many businesses don’t even realize that Facebook pages offer various local capabilities. Use these tools, in combination with an understanding of EdgeRank, to improve your local engagement and brand recognition.

1. Share Only With Local Users

It’s now possible to share status updates only with people who live in a specific area. This is a very useful feature, especially for businesses with multiple locations. You can use the feature to personalize your message by where your audiences live. Here’s how:

Click the button next to “Post,” which typically says “Public”
Click “Target by Location/Language”
Select a country, and decide whether or not to narrow it down to state/province or city
Alternatively, choose to show it only to people who speak a certain language

2. Schedule Your Posts

You can schedule posts to go live at a specific time on a specific date.

During any status update, click on the clock at the bottom left
Select a year, date, and time of day
Click the “Schedule” button

Try to time the post to go live when most people in your area will be on Facebook. According to data from bit.ly, for most businesses the best time to post is between 1 and 4 PM, with 3 PM on Wednesday being the best time of the week. Of course, trust your own data first.

3. Add a Placemark

While adding a location to your status updates doesn’t appear to have any influence on Facebook’s rudimentary search engine, it serves to remind visitors that you have a physical location nearby.

During a status update, click the placemark icon next to the clock at the bottom left
Select your city, neighborhood, or district to display a map. If you select your own business location, a map will not be added (since it’s already on the page), but your location will be given as a link.

You certainly won’t want to do this for every update. (A Facebook page filled with maps isn’t particularly interesting to look at.) However, this can be a great way to let people know about events you are having or sponsoring, or to occasionally remind people where you are located. Try to keep it down to only one map per screen to avoid redundancy.

Were you aware of these localization abilities? How else can you improve your local Facebook strategy?

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