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Do your social media campaigns drive business growth?

The use of social media marketing in business is no longer a choice. It has transformed business in a way that cannot be ignored by those pursuing an advantage in their market.

With advent of social media, consumers are always just a click away from knowing what your customers think of you. Word travels fast through tweets, likes and shares; and reputation is everything. If the most introverted person in the room is unsatisfied with your products or services, they can quickly broadcast their displeasure through the various social media channels; and an empowered consumer is frightening to many businesses.

However, the opportunity to make a good impression presents businesses with a tremendous opportunity to effectively build their brands and relationships, and to dramatically expand their reach. The brands that understand this will build a solid future. Those that don’t will ultimately be lost amongst the noise.

Maximize Your Social Media Presence

Why Social Media Marketing is a Must

Building Influential Relationships

Social networks are the preferred method of communication among leaders, especially those with a large online following. Building these types of relationships is crucial for gaining attention online, improving results in the search engines, and building trust in your sector of the market.

Retaining Customers

Social media presents an opportunity to stay in touch with your customer base without trying to sell them something. Customers will enjoy hearing from you because they truly enjoy your content and what you have to say. This then becomes an excellent source of referral traffic as they share their feelings about you with their friends and family. This is an endorsement that is more powerful than that of any celebrity.

Viral Marketing

While it is possible to design videos, info-graphics and content that spreads on its own; full-blown viral content is hard to come by and is often low in relevancy. Few businesses can make money from grumpy cat or zombie pictures, but relevant content that goes viral can be harnessed to spread brand awareness. Genuine viral marketing is about finding the right balance between the opportunity for exposure and relevancy.

Local Awareness

While most local searches are done on Google and Google Maps, Twitter and Facebook have proven to be platforms that can launch very successful local events, when displayed correctly. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for consumers to turn to local social networks like Foursquare, Yelp, or Urban Spoon in order to find local businesses. Effective social media marketing harnesses a variety of platforms to make sure that you show up wherever your customers are searching.

Search Engine Authority

While social marketing and SEO are two different disciplines, they are increasingly related. Relationship building and outreach are crucial to both of them, and activity on social networks is another signal that the search engines use to determine the sites that provide the best user experiences.

Establishing Thought Leadership

Being the “go-to” company in your industry is a powerful position to be in. When consumers and industry experts point to you as a leader in your industry, repeat business is virtually guaranteed. This is accomplished by becoming a valuable source of information and entertainment. You then become THE business that people seek in order to learn more.

Customer Service

Many customers now expect to have the option of getting customer service online. Social media allows you to provide proactive customer service which can be an incredibly valuable marketing tool, as well as a tool for customer retention.

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