3 Reasons Why You Need Landing Page Optimization

3 Reasons Why You Need Landing Page Optimization

You work hard to design a high-quality website, understand the user experience and learn about how to best use analytics.  Of course, once you’ve got all the basic elements of your content together, you want to convert that into leads and sales. That’s where landing pages come in.

landing_pageHere’s how to understand the best way to create landing pages that generate results.

You’ve seen landing pages and may not have even known that that’s what they’re called. You click on a link and are taken to a specific page that asks for your information in order to sign up for a newsletter, download a whitepaper, read an e-book or enter a contest. It’s designed to capture a visitor’s information for sales and marketing to follow up at a later date.

Targeting your audience is key in optimizing a landing page. Too many businesses send their email, social media, and search traffic to their homepages rather than an optimized landing page.

1)      Offer something of value

A successful landing page offers your prospects something of value, while encouraging higher conversion rates of visitors into leads. The added benefit is being able to capture contact information and see what converted them into leads.

For example, you’re a service business – a lawyer, dentist, plumber or printing company. You have web pages that highlight services, about us, how we work, as well as a business blog. After each web page you include a call to action that says “Contact us for a free consultation.” This page would be the landing page with details about what the free consultation includes. Your visitor submits his or her information and you’ve got a strong lead to follow up on.

The benefit is that you can create several calls-to-actions and corresponding landing pages throughout your website to attract different audiences.

2)      Create a Unique Place for Your Offers

Marketing offers and landing pages are a perfect match. Simply having marketing offers placed throughout your site without their own landing pages ensures you’ll miss an opportunity to gather important leads.

3)      Gather Prospect Information

The whole purpose of an optimized landing page is to compile valuable lead information. Then your digital marketing agency can help you sort by demographics and conversion rates. They can tell you what offers worked best with what audiences so you can better tailor your marketing offerings and site content. This information can also aid your sales team in reaching out to prospects with the right offerings to land those sales.

If you have specific sales goals each month or each quarter, optimized landing pages can help you do just that. Being able to direct your calls-to-action to easy-to-read, conversion-optimized landing pages, instead of information-dense web pages can help you turn prospects into customers. Contact us to find out how we can help you optimize your landing pages.

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